Yoo Ah In’s Writings

It may sound cliche, but true. The boy behind this beautiful smile has a beautiful mind! Here are a collection of his writings. Hope you can understand him better after reading them.


Tweet Translations

Most updated tweet translations

Summary of Ah in’s rest of 2010 twitter activities

Nov 21st-29th

Nov 13th-Nov 20th

Nov 5th-Nov 8th

Nov 2nd, 2010 and interpretations of his Twitter account name

Ah In Tweets about Tablo’s Controversy

Oct 2010


Z-ZIN Magazine: What On Earth Is Anything Artistic?


Cyworld Posts:

Questions/comments and his responses.

(I think that she only translated the interesting replies)

1. 가장친했던친구가
“미안해… 나니애인을 사랑해…”
1. My best friend: “Sorry… I love your girlfriend…”
Him: Give it your best shot.

4. 친구의 남자친구 (여자친구) 가, “나랑사귈래? 니친구랑 헤어질께”
내 친구랑만 헤어져라.
4. Friend’s boyfriend (girlfriend): “Wanna go out? I’ll break it off with your friend.”
Him: Why don’t you just break off with my friend only.

5. 애인이있는데 내이상형 남자 (여자)가, “저기요… 시간있으세요?”
시간은 있어요.
5. Have a girlfriend but if my ideal woman asks “Excuse me… do you have time (for me)?”
All I have is the time.

7. 년동안친구였던여자 (남자)애가, “내심장이 너만보면 뛴다?”
그럼 멈추냐?
7. Long time friend says, “My heart beats faster whenever I see you.”
Does it stop?

18. 갑자기비가오는오늘 우산이있는 친구가, “나 먼저 간다~”
너 찢어진 우산 쓰고싶지?
18. On a day with a sudden downpour, a friend with an umbrella, “I will be going now~”
Do you want to use a ripped umbrella?

Source: Soompi, Naver Blog (that got it from his mini-hompy) Translated: Rxgoodleaf at soompi.com



I haven’t slept in 30 hours but I am not tired (still perky).
I am drunk but not so much that I would open the closet and pee into it.
I am not crazy enough to cut up bleached shirt either.

Something about a girl who sold her body to buy a dress…
Something about a pervert who bought her body…

I rode the elevator with a serial killer.

I am a sinner (I am guilty).

Source: Soompi, Mini-Hompy Translation: Rxgoodleaf at soompi.com



Embarrassed But At The End

This is a poem Ah In composed right on the episode of Ya Shim Man Man (a variety show in 2009). All the guests were asked to write a poem about “what you really don’t want your lover to see.”

(Okay please don’t judge too harshly, cuz he wrote this in less than 10 minutes at Come to Play. What he wrote and what he narrated on the show is slightly different. The translation below is what he narrated)

그런날들이 있었다.

There were days.

지지 않으려,
그대를 울게 한적이 있었다.

Didn’t want to lose,
So I made you cry at times.

자존심을 지키려,
그대를 지키지 못한 적이 있었다.

Because of pride,
Didn’t stand by you at times.

부끄럽고 창피해서,
보여 줄수 없는 것들은 있었어도
무엇을 보여주어야 할지는몰랐었다.

Shy and embarrassed
There were things I didn’t want to show
But I didn’t know what I should show.

낭만버스에 올라 웃음으로 사랑을 얘기해도
변하지 않는것은 내가 그런날에 널 사랑했다는 것이다.

Here at Nang Man Bus, smiling and talking about love
What does not change is that I loved you those days.

Source: Image above is his hand-writing, from DCInside. Translation provided by Rxgoodleaf@soompi.com


38 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s Writings

      • lol, me neither. I wonder if there is a context to such a poem/piece of writing, because without that insight it’s very hard to interpret that text. The point here is, though, Ah In’s writing is very avant-garde, very symbolic. be it nonsense or sophisticated thought, it definitely reflects his attempt to go beyond the conventional and everyday expression of language. I give him credits for that.

  1. Interesting mind he got. It would be satisfying to just sit down and have a coffee with him…and just pick his brain. My curiosity on him elevated and just wanted to hear him. Impossible right? He got everything I looked for before I start my day….a beautiful smile to start it and a nice conversation to end the day…mmmmm…dreaming is free, anyways..
    I would greatly appreciate it, if anyone could direct me where to read his translated writtings be….million thanks

  2. This guy is really deep and smart I say. Just basing from his tweets and cyworld accounts, there’s always something in his mind. I agree with coldtucson, he’s someone who we can sit and just talk about things.

    Another discovery to make us fall for him more and more!!! ^^

    thanks for sharing ^^

  3. Hong Sik is really a deep person. Just hiding it with his charismatic and boyish smile, one wouldn’t know how talented this guy is. Just one word, Witty! Basing from the long tweets and smart writings in his cyworld, he’s one heck of a poet! And couldn’t help but love this guy more!

    and I agree with @coldtucson, sitting and having coffee with Ah In will be very satisfying indeed (gotta practice my korean now! XD)

    thanks for sharing!!! ^^

  4. i hope he not use black robe and walking on the air jump over rooftop, spread his poem on a sheet of red paper… or you had end on the jail… 🙂 saranghe Yoo Ah in
    thinker like Moon Jae Shin.

  5. At first,great thanks for the affort of translating MR. Yoo’s writtings from Korean to English,it has became the best way for me to get close to this cute actor’s most interesting things ,his beautiful mind inside.

    I would greatly appreciate it, if more translated writting are showed.

    Thanks for the translations again,and sorry for Rxgoodleaf’s headache,I understand that feeling verywell,beacuse after re-translated some of this writtings from English to Chinese,I’ve got my headache too. :p.

    Hope you don’t mind my re-translations.

    P.S. When I post my re-translations,I mention the Source and korean-English Translaters name everytime.

  6. hi!! all i want to say is you’ve got an excellent talent yoo ah in, keep it up, coz,, i am your no. 1 fan!,,,, more power to you and have a wonderful day always….

  7. I think I already get infection after watch him in sungkyungwan scandal… ohh I love him so much hehe Let us make fanbase for him just like cassiopeia or elf. what would be a name for this fanbase maybe hong byuk seo ^^

    • haha our official fan club name is “Yoo Ah In haven”, unofficial one is “Yoo Ah In preventorium.” The unofficial name plays with the idea that all of us here are infected by the Yoo Ah In virus and need a place (a haven) to rest (preventorium is an old term, meaning something like a preventive hospital). So we call ourselves the YAI virus carriers, hope that doesn’t sound too scarry lol.

  8. How sweet. I thougt I will more and more fallin in ♥ with this person, om hong-shik a.k.a yoo ah in. :’)
    Ah I wish I could go to korea and meet him even once, and then said, “I am your big fans, mr.yoo ah in ! Keep doing ur best in ur job as an actor, cause u know what? That u are awesome and gorgeous.”

  9. i’m infected too… got Yoo Ah In virus from the first episode of SKKS, Guh-ro ache was so painfully gorgeous… knowing him more from his writing, what a smart-good looking badass… I just found his twitter but too bad he never update it lately, does he quit twitter now??? wanna see more from him ^^ -greetings from another Indonesian’s fan

  10. I just know that Yoo Ah In can write such interesting words. Eagerly to know what comes next^_^ I’m very curious about the writings in ‘cyworld’. but when i see the pages, I’ve got my eyes start to ‘spin’@_@. I can’t understand any of them. Hopefully can be translated to english^^ I think I’ve got the ‘virus’ now^^

  11. ฉันไม่รู้ว่าคุณจะเข้าใจมันหรือเปล่า แต่ฉันว่าฉันคงอธิบายความรู้สึกได้ดีกว่าภาษาอังกฤษ ฉันเพิ่งติดตามผลงานคุณเป็นครั้งแรก ก็ชอบคุณและเริ่มหาว่าคุณเป็นใคร มีผลงานอะไร เพราะ ฉันไม่ค่อยติดตามข่าวดาราเท่าไหร่ แต่ฉันก็รู้สึกว่าชอบคุณ ขอให้คุณรักษาสุขภาพ และฉันจะเป็นกำลังใจให้

  12. first time i saw you in shungkyukhwan scandal
    i immediately liked your acting and your face is cute oppa 🙂

    keep spirit for your acting oppa 🙂
    saranghae oppa…
    i ‘ll wait for your new drama mr. yoo ah in 🙂

    your fans from indonesia

  13. I stumbled on this blog while looking for the official twitter account of Yoo Ah In because I started liking him after watching the Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I must say, I love this blog and I would start following it. Hope you will continuously update the posts here.

    I ❤ Yoo Ah In. 🙂

  14. it’s so hard maybe for him to have an extreme and strong personality, that everyone i guess gets intimated but that’s what he really is ..we do all love him for being that way!

  15. When I originally commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added
    I get four emails with the same comment. There has to be a way you can remove me from that service?

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