by SalaSala

by Aylam

by Aylam

by Aylam

>12 Jae-shin wallpapers (click on the pic for more), by tylergenecom

Huek San wallpapers (click on the pic for more), by tylergenecom

by harajukufx

(17 wallpapers) byizasakura (<-click to visit her blog)

by conanblue (<- click for more, will be updated)

by Black Tea<-click for many more

4 Jack and Jill screencap wallpapers, by Asha

 by hwhyoripii


by hwhyoripii


18 thoughts on “Wallpapers

  1. I love the little headers in the Fan-art main page! So cute. Ah right, anyways the wallies are in my deviant Art. Is it okay if I edit the page myself? I forgot I’m an editor. I’d like to like the wallies to my dA page. I need visitors anyways. If that’s okay with you.

  2. After recover from the shock of see t-th-those amazing (and dangerous) YAI news pics when I enter to the blog, I came here to update aaaand…. WOW! O___O
    More surprising things!!! xD

    – It’s incredible the coincidence! Just few hours ago, I discovered your blog, Izasakura!
    (O___O!!) And when I saw your wall, was like:
    “(=___=) mmmm, this pics looks familiar….” xDD
    I like them, are so different from everyone I’ve seen ^______^

    – Harajukufx, your wall is very pretty! I wish could see more of your work! ^^

    – and…. Conanblue, you killed me! O____O
    It’s amazing!! I’m in love, so pretty! (*__*) I went to your DV and read about the song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and because of you I heard the song all afternoon Q__Q
    Ah! Btw, I’m happy that you like the little headers ^^~~ (I make them xDDD)

    Wooohh… Now I’m happy and mood to continue updating xDDDD
    Thank you!!! 😉

    • I know, right? That song is so addictive, just like Mr. Yoo so I just had to combine the two together. It’s like heaven. I think the song goes well with the HAZZYS photoshoot. And thank you for the compliments ;D

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