Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project Report


Hi Haveners~

How are you?  First of all, I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with the updates for Haven these days since I am still recovering from all these activities for the project.  But, I did finally finish the report of the event! ^ ^

Ever since the news of Ah In coming to NYC for shooting his upcoming drama 패션왕 came out, many ideas had been floating around from giving Ah In presents to providing meals.  After many discussions, the Haven’s Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project was born.  And, me, being in NY, of course, became the person in charge of Haven’s Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project!

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[Update 1/25/2012] Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project

Hi Haveners~

As many of you already know, Ah In will be in New York next month~ Few haveners and I have been tossing different ideas for a project for Haven recently~ We finally decided to call this project our “Snack Project”~

Update: As of today, 1/25/2012, we already have 100 haveners who participated in the project and raised more than our target amount.  Since Tiny nim is not back to US yet, these figures do not include the ones who donated directly through paypal on Haven’s website.  I am very grateful for everyone who has been in great support of this project!  Since we have enough funds, besides the ‘menu’ we had from before, I am planning to add some more buns if I can find a good bakery nearby.  In addition, I will also send lovely edible arrangements for both Ah In and his manager.  When deliver the snack, hopefully, with the help of our Haven’s artist team, we can also prepare a nice poster with all the participants’ names and present that to Ah In.  Instead of getting Ah In gifts, any extra amount that after all the snack project cost being deducted will be donated to charity under Ah In’s name which will make this project much more meaningful~ Thanks again for all the support!! 🙂

Project: Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project

Project Leader: mathed

Treasurer: tinysunbl

Closing Date/Last Day to Receive Fund: Jan. 31, 2012 (tentative)

Donation Taret: $350

What is a “Snack Project” you may ask…  Since Ah In will be in New York for the filming of ‘Fashion King,’ it will be a great opportunity for us to show our support for Ah In and his new drama by sending the whole filming crew snacks and drinks~ All the contributors names and countries will be listed in the card that will be given to Ah In~^ ^~

After gathering information and discussions, here is the proposed menu for this project~

Drink: Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶)

Snacks: Fried Chicken nuggets (鹽酥雞), Fried Squid Balls (花枝丸), Fried Fishcakes (甜不辣), Fried Pork Blood Rice (紫米糕)

Dessert: Small Cream Cakes (奶油餅)

[Note: Fried Pork Blood Rice is not really made with pork blood anymore.  It’s actually a vegetarian dish that uses purple rice to make it.  Also, the small cream cake is like 大判焼き but not with the red bean filling. Instead, it’s with cream filling.]

Mode of Donation:


For fans who live in Indonesia, follow @Furbabe @ailave and @SweetGodzilla on twitter for in-country donation plan.

For fans who live in Japan, please email zess at zess1012[at]gmail.com for in-country donation plan.

For fans who live in Thailand, follow @staywithringo on twitter or email Lobsterbisque at kalambasuta1[at]yahoo.com for in-country donation plan.

For fans who live in Philippines, follow @KitsuneMD  @d_lawbreaker and @Ashasummer on twitter or email KitsuneMD at kristinvenice[at]gmail.com for in-country donation plan. 

Depending on the fund we get, once the snack budget is reached, we can also prepare Ah In a present.  Also, if anyone who is willing to be the key person for the in-country donation plan, please leave a comment below~ I will update the post as needed~ 🙂

P.S. To: Furbabe, ailave, zess, kuku, Haydi, Asha, and Tiny~ Thank you, girls~

YAI Haven on the Korean media

My apologies for not reporting this sooner. On the 9.27 press preview of Wandeukee, ancientkingdom unnie has arranged to send 500kg of rice to the preview site on behalf of her club (Misin) and Haven. And guess what, we made the news on Morning News and a couple more news outlets! Here is a translation from our translator JKim:

배우 유아인의 팬덤이 초대형 드리미 쌀화환을 보내 화제다.

배우 유아인의 국내외 팬들이 유아인에게 초대형 응원 드리미 쌀화환을 보냈다. 이는 유아인이 출연하는 영화 ‘완득이’를 응원하기 위한 것으로, 지난달 30일 서울 경희대학교에서 열린 시사회 및 팬미팅에 보내졌다.

유아인 팬카페인 ‘아인바라기’가 응원 메시지와 함께 1톤짜리 초대형 드리미 쌀화환을 보내온 것에 이어, 또 다른 팬카페인 ‘미즈인’과 다국적 팬클럽 ‘HAVEN’에서도 응원 메시지를 담은 500kg짜리 쌀화환을 보내왔다.

1만 2천명이 한 끼를 먹을 수 있는 드리미 쌀화환 1.5톤은 유아인이 지정하는 결식아동이나 어려운 이웃에게 유아인의 이름으로 기부된다.

한 편, 유아인과 김윤석이 출연하는 영화 ‘완득이’는 김려령의 동명소설을 원작으로 하며, 가난하고 불우한 환경 속에서 반항아로 자란 완득이(유아인 분)와 그를 가장 가까운 곳에서 보살피는 담임 선생(김윤석 분)의 가슴 따뜻한 이야기를 담은 영화이다. 이는 오는 20일 개봉된다.

* Article partial translation* (10/02 Hawaii time)

~Actor Yoo Ain’s fandoms sent mega size “Deulimi” (means- to give) rice as gift to him and it is creating quiet a buzz.
This mega size rice gift was sent to Kyeonghee university on 9/30 where they held a special viewing of movie Wandeugi and fan meeting. It was to show their support for his new movie.

Yoo Ain’s official fan cafe’ “Ain Baragi” has sent 1 ton of mega size Deulimi rice with a special message as well as another fan cafe’ “Mizmin” and International fan club “Haven” too has sent a special message along with 500kg of rice.

This 1.5 tons of rice can feed one meal for 12000 people and will be donated to a charity of Yoo Ain’s choice under his name.~

Here is a close-up view of the Gift. I hope Ah In was able to see it:

Thanks to all fans who participated in this special Bday project. We have donations from more than 20 countries. Special thanks to ancientkingdom unnie for being the guardian angel who did all the ground work.

Updates about Ah In Bday projects coming soon.

[BDay Project Update 4] Plan for Video Project

Project: Birthday Video to Yoo Ah In
Project Leader/Treasurer: Ashasummer; co-ordinator: tinysunbl
Closing date: Sept. 20th. The video MUST be sent on Oct 6th, his Bday


  1.  To present Ah In with a sweet, meaningful birthday gift since he’s immeasurably precious to us 🙂
  2. To let Ah In know the support of his international fans via a gift that expresses the international nature of our community

Things you can do:

  • Take a picture of you with a landmark of your home, and of course a brief bday wish in your native language (and Korean). Example of fan from France:

  • Send us other birthday wishes in writings, pictures, fan-arts, videos, audio recordings. Writings should not be more than 50 words. You can say the message in your own language. A Korean translation (so Ah In understands) will be appreciated. Make sure you include “happy birthday” in your native language.
  • Spread this message to recruit as many fans to join as possible.

Please send your message directly to Asha at  <singularlyhappy[at]yahoo.com> and CC  tinysunbl at <tinysunbl[at]yahoo.com>.

Have fun everyone!

Hi~ Haveners~ We Finally did it!!

Hi~ Haveners.

I’m really glad to tell you we finished our big! big! event for YAI!

I’m really thank all of you guys folding the paper cranes, sending me them from each of your countries and mostly waiting me for a long time.

In this morning, I prepared our cranes in the acrlic boxes- those are six boxes and I left In-Cheon.

It was friday so traffic jam in Seoul was serious. It took almost one and half hours for arriving Star K Office. ^^;;;;

And I was little bit hurry in the morning so I didn’t take my camera. Fortunately, my dearest friend took her camera so she took pics for me. ^^

We – me and my friend – were finally there. In fact, I had contected with Jae – Min Manager who is one of YAI’s managers before, however this morning, he called me he couldn’t see us because he had to be with YAI in shooting scean.

But he really thanked to you guys and he was really impressed cause he couldn’t think YAI’s Inter fans did something for YAI.

And the previous time, when I had contected to him, he said they had never received any cranes from abroad. So I knew something bad had happened to French and Malaysian Haveners’ cranes.

Anyway, in the office, I could meet Hong manager who had been with YAI in the Launch my Life~. ^^

Actually, the acrlic boxes were protected by thin films which sticked on the surfaces. So I and my friend started to take off the films. Then Hong manager said ” Leave it. Because if Ah-In takes them to his home, it will get some scratches~”


I was really happy when I heard it, weren’t you?


Anyway~ My mission was completed.

Thanks again to your wishing good luck for me.

P.S – 1. YAI will leave to New York 13th July.

2. Don’t worry about the cost for acrlic boxes. It is my gift for you guys.

3. I sent your presents him too, so don’t worry.

I send my love to you guys~ See ya~

GOODLUCK YOO AH IN PROJECT Packaging Design & others

Hello Haveners! It’s a hell of a week! figuratively speaking and in (my real world) literally speaking…but thanks to Yoo Ah In goodies, I survived!? Anyway, what this post all about?  Here…

  1. I have an announcement to make, regarding the Final stage of our “GOODLUCK YOO AH IN ORIGAMI Crane project”. As you know, collection start last February 19, and most of the cranes & gifts were already sent and received by Unnie Ancientkingdom.  ( UPDATE here).  But, AK unnie, have some questions for you guys, please help us here :
  • How many countries join this event?

As for my knowledge, these are the confirm participants:

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Goodluck Yoo Ah In 2011 Origami Cranes Project update

Last January 11, we have launch our First Haveners Global Project called “Goodluck YAI Origami Cranes Project” as our way of wishing Yoo Ah In  goodluck and also to let him know of our “HAVEN’s” existence.  Our aim was to send 1000 Origami Cranes to our YAI before the release of his latest movie, but because of the enthusiastic response from YAI lovers worldwide (in which we are truly grateful) the 1k aim somehow became 1k per country project!

Its been a week since the deadline of collection, are you curious guys? The good news is…it was a success! Here are the pictures! Enjoy!!!! 😀

First is from Thailand! I think they’re one of the first to finished the 1k Origami cranes. This picture was shared by Thailand Coordinator, Bluesherbet103.

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gōng xǐ fā cái (恭喜發財) HAVENERS & other YAI News

Happy Chinese/Lunar/Rabbit New year HAVENERS! Hope all is well with you guys!

So, wazzup with our boy? Here some news we have gathered so far:

1. Feb Elle:: 50 Top Men video is out! Smexy Yoo Ah In,  uh la la

credit to seopseophae & ELLE Co Kr., trans. by InK and Jaeshinah, subbed by Mathed

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Hello HAVENERS! Me once again! Sorry about the vague details on the ORIGAMI CRANES project…in all honestly, when I posted those, it was unclear to me as well on how we gonna make it a success…but thanks to all your interest/and queries (and help of the ORGANIZER @ twitterverse), slowly but surely, the project is now going on its right direction. Details as follows:

1. PROJECT NAME: GOODLUCK YAI 2011 Origami Cranes PROJECT (see Mooday Hangover for more crane details).

2. OUR AIM: 1000 origami (see Moonday Hangover post for the reason why).

3. Participants : All YAI lovers & Haveners worldwide .

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YAY! It’s the 120th post!

Date :October 26, 2011


Time : 2:00 PM

Event : YAI HAVEN First Year Anniversary

It’s been year since the first article was posted and the Haven was founded by our very own  Tinysunbl, who’s nickname  came from the first  English newspaper she read “The Sun”. To commemorate this special event , the HAVENERS decided to finally meet up, POTLUCK style.

The first to arrive is AYA RYUUSEKI, bringing with her YAI Lasagna, her personal favorite and the YAI Leche flan for dessert. She said, that this dessert, no matter how much you eat, you still love it. One can be addicted to it.  “ I’m pretty much saying that I’m falling more and more in love with Yai the more I learn about him. I’m addicted!” she added .

Come next is LISDARINA, her real name, with her the YAI  Fried rice! Hmmmn, yummy. Being a nosy haveners I ask, why fried rice? She said, she’s having this once a week,  for it is a something that brightened her day! Without it, her  life will never be complete!The same goes to a life without seeing Ah In. Never complete! haha!! (Same here dear –Asha)

EUPHUNE, a Cassies and now a fellow HAVENERS, brought with her the YAI pat bing soo , it is kind of ice cream in korea that made from many kind of fruits that reminds him of our Yoo AH IN  coz he’s refresing to her.

The spicy chilli sambal with anchovies and potato on the far corner of the table was brought by MIRASCHINN, (whose Nickname  is a combination of her real name and schinn is from shin, in gokusen the first season). Next to it is the Filipino dish called Sinigang, brought by JAS. It’s a sour soup but it can be a little spicy because one of the ingredients is a long chili pepper. Jas said, this soup reminds her our our YAI because like the soup, , he add a little spice to himself .

For drinks, ESHI, brought a case of  Grass Jelly and Lychee drink. She’s completely in love with this drink and wanted to share to the fandom and she said  she love this drink strangely enough for the same reasons that  she love YAI, its refreashing and different . But, if you want something tradional KOREAN drink, our Korean American Haveners Angel Jaeshinah brought some Makkeoli,  it’s a traditional rice wine and it’s a bit sweet, quite strong, and very Korean. She said she feel like Ah In would be something alcoholic., so why not give it a try…

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