Ah In and Joong Ki Fan Meeting Recap

Here is a recap of Ah In meeting Joong Ki at his recent fan-meeting. The event was recounted by a Kfan and translated into English by Jamie K at World of Ainism. The comments made in (______) are Jamie’s. Notice that I have slightly reformatted the post.

~With happy birthday music playing in background Song Joong Gi enters the stage pushing Ain’s BDay cup cakes. Crowd goes totally crazy~~~~~~!!!!!

Yoo Ah In puts his hand lightly around Soong Joong Gi first on the waist and when Joong Gi is finally at the middle of the stage, they hug~~~

MC: Hello!
SJG: Hello!
MC: Will you say few words, please come more to the front.

~I can hear a fan saying “omg~ he looks so fit!”~ (and yes! he looked fit, beautiful and gorgeous^^)

SJG: Hello, I’m Song Joongi. (he goes over to Ain and pats him on the back and Ain him pats SJG on his back too!)
MC: It’s good to have you.

~SJG and Ain looks at each other~ (OMG~~~)

MC: From what I know you’ve done this before, appearing with  a BDay cake.
SJG: Yes, a year ago.
MC: And here you are doing it again today.
SJG: Yes.
YAI: I feel guilty….
MC: I guess you are not so busy these days. (to SJG, btw MC for this event was same MC from “rising star”, she’s funny^^)
SJG: I really didn’t have anything to do today.


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Fan-made Video – Model Ah-in’s Masquerade (유아인 화보 편집영상) by Choipd2

Hi Haveners~

I always love when Ah In does the photoshoots~ So when my friend, Choipd2, made this video, I really enjoy watching it~ And she is so nice for giving me permission to repost it on Haven for you to view it~ If you like her work, please visit her blog~

Thank you, Choipd2!! ^^

Video Originally Posted at Choipd2

[Note: Please keep in mind not to repost this video on other site~ 請不要轉載此視頻~ public sharing is prohibited~ 公然地分享此視頻是不允許的~ Thank you~ 謝謝合作~]

Watch it here

[Fan-Arts] More Wallpapers by Black Tea

Hi Haveners~

Most of you should still remember those beautiful wallpapers that InK shared before~

Here are more gorgeous new wallpapers made by BlackTea~ Enjoy!!

Originally Posted at http://blog.naver.com/hongcha0425

YAI’s New CF Coming Soon and Fan-Photo-Arts by our Havener Furbabe

Hi Haveners~

Our YAI has been quite busy these days~ Besides making the movie, he is also filming another CF for Olive Young~ Here is a picture that a fan posted on her twitter and her tweet about the picture~

[PS. The picture was originally posted at esu326@twitter but then it was reposted at AinZone]



And our Furbabe has been busy making photo-arts of YAI these days~

Thank you, Furbabe~ These are lovely~


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GOODLUCK YOO AH IN PROJECT Packaging Design & others

Hello Haveners! It’s a hell of a week! figuratively speaking and in (my real world) literally speaking…but thanks to Yoo Ah In goodies, I survived!? Anyway, what this post all about?  Here…

  1. I have an announcement to make, regarding the Final stage of our “GOODLUCK YOO AH IN ORIGAMI Crane project”. As you know, collection start last February 19, and most of the cranes & gifts were already sent and received by Unnie Ancientkingdom.  ( UPDATE here).  But, AK unnie, have some questions for you guys, please help us here :
  • How many countries join this event?

As for my knowledge, these are the confirm participants:

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Ah In’s Fans Supporting Activity from Ainbaragi

Hi Havners~

There is a relatively new Ah In Naver Cafe called Ainbaragi, which was established last December.  As you may know, this past Sunday, 2/27, was the first filming day of the movie “Wandugi” in Seoul.  The fans from Ainbaragi went to the filming location and visit Ah In and the filming crew.  It was their first official event since the site was established.  They have been preparing for this event to support Ah In since last year.  They brought all kinds of food and presents for Ah In and the crew.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much work went into the preparation.

*****New Note: Several kinds of food you will see below were made by fans directly.  YAI and his manager were deeply moved!! Also, one fan made a very pretty picture of all the pics below using photoshop (click here)*****

Just take a look at the photos below~~


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“Guel Ro and Goo Yong Ha” [Happy Ending] by 적혈야화 with English Subtitles

Here is another video 적혈야화 made~
Again, it is very smoothly and creatively done~
I did most of the subs by translating an old Chinese version [not a happy ending] posted by nan2lulu@youtube~
And with some help from Stacy [thank you *hug*], I finally finished subbing it~
Hope you guys enjoy it~

Video Source: http://blog.naver.com/wjrghk007