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MNET 2011 Interview

ELLE Photoshoot (November 5th 2010)

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Source: seopseophae


HighCut Photoshoot (2010)

~ Download ~

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Source:  seopseophae (janjher)


Vogue Girl Photoshoot (October 2010)

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Source:  demo245


Bbaek Ga’s Photoshoot ~The Faces~ (2009)

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Source:  detortue

Vogue Girl (2008)  ~Antique Fotoshoot~

~ Download ~

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Source: seopseophae


Strongest Chil Woo Photohoot’s Cut

Heuk San (Kim Hyuk)

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Source:  KatyaLee22

SKOOLOOKS feat. Jang Geun Suk

~ Download ~

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Source : detortue

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30 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Me again 🙂

    I posted this on Soompi already but perhaps it was on the previous page so you guys dont notice it.
    The vid “Yoo Ah In on S Closet” was from an episode of MNet “S-closet” (Stars’ fashion) on 21.10.2008.

    • Thanks Unnie for pointing that out. I read your comment on soompi then moved the clip to 2008 section, but forgot to delete the footnote. Silly me!

  2. 7 things i hate about U-ain!
    1. such a peter pan~ full of happy thoughts!
    2. poet in disguise, fly me to the moon.
    3. every inch of him is sooo manly
    4. why are you so charismatic?!!! why o why!
    5. man of tomorrow~ his acting prowess will take him there.
    6. his laughs are contagious ^__^
    7. you made me love YU!

    got to take an antidote to get back to my life… *sigh*

    • *stop you from taking the antidote and move you to the ICU*
      Love this “poet in disguise, fly me to the moon.” Soooo true hahahah!

      • help! i’m in delirium. i wish i was ten years younger and fly to korea. im sooo willing to be a stalker though my pastors would shoot me >.<

    • OH YEAH! I remember you wrote about going to a JIW event!!! So envious of you. I fangirl-ed JIW since High Kick days, then loved him in The Return of Iljimae. I watched My Fair Lady and My Love for him too. Hahaha we have so many common love!!!! (my third boy is Lee Seung Gi lol)

      • Whew, you’re a longtime fan then. I remember watching JIW in My Love but I barely paid any attention to him. But then I got obsessed with ROI, haha. He needs to come back to the screen asap!

    • Hi mapletree15, we’re in the process of updating. There are MANY more videos out there of Ah In, so please stay tuned. One quick way to stay updated is to subscribed to the blog or follow us on twitter. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

  3. OMG! you guys are amazing! Thanks for finding these videos.. I’m a new Ah In fan btw and currently admitted at the ICU due to AhIn~virus.. and thank you for making this blog! Hwaiting!!!

    @chewii I wouldn’t take the antidote if I were you ^^

    subscribed and followed ^^

  4. Thank you for the videos! Thanks so much for your hard work!
    Do you also have download link for the High Cut video? So I can feed my YAI even on the go using my ipod!

  5. I was on youtube scavenging for more YAI videos and I found this!!

    eng subbed version of the GEol- Oh’s Monologue (original video was the one from jjunja01) Now this is THE best fanvid ever dedicated to Geol-Oh. JJUNJA01 of YOUTUBE.. you are a genius.. this story of Geol Oh is much much better than SKKS. Now that I can understand the “monologue” it really gives depth to YAI character, even if it is a fanvid only.

    Does anybody know what is the name of the song on this video?

  6. Aylam you have worked sooooo hard! I’d love to help you too. When I’m done subbing Shim’s Family into Vietnamese, I’d love to make some nice sombreros to help you!!!!!!!!!

    • ¡Jajajajajaja! ¿Sombreros? Ein?? o__o
      Thank you, guapisima! Is a pleasure that you like it ^______^
      Someday (I hope not in a far future xD) we’ll can see aaaaaaaaall the pics of aaaaaaall videos. Little by little, I’ll get it! xDD
      (my grammar sucks, I know, sorry ^^UU)

      Un besazo, mi guapa chingu!
      I’ll work hard (and happy xDDDD)! 😉

  7. Hi All.

    Found this video from youtube.. if only someone can translate it for us.. that would be wonderful..

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal Special – Yoo Ah In

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  9. Posing, pouting, furs and jewels, like a little girl dressed in mom’s high heels. Silken braids, red plumes and peacock feathers. Still, Yoo Ah-In reigns sublime as ever.

    How can he do this silly stuff and make me love him?

  10. hi guys,

    stumbled upon this video on Yoo Ah In’s fb site. It’s a video of his latest High Cut Photoshoot. I’m not sure if anybody has posted it before me. Just want to share it with you all =) Enjoy!

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