Comics, Drawings and Posters

Note: click to enlarge to watch ALL pics in HQ  ^^~~

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by tylergenecom


Kaverin’s Sites: Kaverin @ Tistory / Kaverin @ Naver

– Jong Dae (Boys of Tomorrow)

[Aylam: (sigh) This is my favorite. I LOVE this *__* How the h*** she draw so well? (depressed  =__=)]

(Aylam: And… look what I found  ^^)

– Heuk San (Strongest Chil Woo)


(Aylam: I love the sketch, almost more than the final drawing  ^^~)


[Aylam: It’s only me or this pic is a… peculiar mix? It’s like Gohro and Heuk San are the same person, the adult version of HS (with a touch prince’s HGD hat xD)]

Jong Dae (Boys of Tomorrow)


세이더 S  ~purpledoll3 @ naver

(in process)


Her fantastic site: P a r i s h i n ~ paris0915 @ egloos

[Aylam: The most prettier Crazy Horse (sigh)]

(Aylam: I know, I know… They aren’t AhIn. Yong Ha ’cause is the lover….eeerm I mean,  Guhro’s best friend. And Garang… ’cause is pretty in this drawing ^^)

[Aylam: Erm (dry mouth) … Yeeeeeeess, they’re ONLY friends. And I believe that (eyes rolling) ]

[Aylam: OMG! The scene that all of us desired (O___O)]

(Aylam: Or something like that…)

[Aylam:  Oooorr OMO! like that (O___O) (brain out of coverage)]

(for more fantastic drawings and comics, visit her site 😉

Really, her DBSK and CNBlue’s drawings are aaaamaaazing! O__O)


Oula‘s site and more drawings ^^~    Oula @ egloos

(Aylam: the expression of melancholic is very well captured…o__o)

(Aylam:  Once again, I know, I know… He’s not Gohro but… It’s Gu Yong Ha! His lover forever eeeermmm, Best friend, best friend!! )


Spine‘s Site ^^ ~  spine @ egloos

[Aylam: Q___Q (crying in a corner)]



She has a few sites (and nicknames) but here is where’re the drawings ^^

Yamato Maya @ naver

[Aylam: “Gohro shamed”… (long sigh)…(depressed again Q___Q)]

(Aylam:  sorry, I couldn’t resist putting this pic bigger *jjiji*)


Save AP‘s  site ^^ ~ save AP @ tistory

(Aylam: I’ll waiting for the future comic *__* —Gohro…moon…sigh!)


Unfortunately, this is the only drawing of Heuk San /YAI made by Kanonsaga ó__ò

(Is a pity, she draws SO well…)  Her site ^^ ~ Kanonsaga @ naver

Heuk San (Strongest Chil Woo)

[Aylam: (head desk) Snif!!  So amazing!! So perfect!! So…! (head desk twice)]


Her funny, amazing, wonderful….site~~   Poomer @ blog

(Thanks to Jay for the link ^^)

[Aylam: Here’s one more reason to be depressed  Q___Q]

[Aylam: At this point I haven’t to repeat the same thing, right? xDDD]

[Aylam: The drawings are sooOOo cute!  *___*]

[Aylam: I know that may seem simple, but I love this pic. She captured the Jalgeum Jjang’s soul very well  ^^~ (soo envy, good envy xDDD)]

[Aylam: Simply beautiful… (sigh)]

[Aylam:  When a saw this for the first time, I was 5 min looking it with my mouth open like an idiot xDDD]

[Aylam: At first, I don’t know who was the person on the left (on the right is YAI, of course xDD). Looking tag, I knew it was JongKi ^^  I love this too]

(Incomplete, updating Poomer’s gall ^^)

Also Check Out Janjher’s collections of photoshoped pics

Fan-arts by Slime Bear (Click for more)

(last update: 26/11/2010 by Aylam)

(I’m working, I’m working ^^~~)

26 thoughts on “Comics, Drawings and Posters

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  2. UPDATE!!! ^____________^

    2 new pics of Kaverin and 2 more authors!!

    Yes, when I look Kaverin’s and Parishin’s arts, I’m depressed =_____=
    WHY, why I can’t draw like this? Q____Q
    My drawings are more like big B/W of Spine, because color…. is hell for me @__@

    Ah… I’m depressed again (snif!)

  3. I envy all your talent, wish I was gifted like all of you. I have always said since I was young, if GOD appeared to me one day and asked me “young girl what talent would you want me to bestow on you?” I would answer in a heartbeat “drawing/painting and singing.”

    Well, one can dream (^_^)!

  4. ROFL@the adult version of Huek San, Aylam!!!! Huek San is an adult. He just looks like a baby lol.

    But that’s true. The pic is definitely Guel ro in Huek San pose right? So pretty!

  5. woaaaaahhh, great drawing, its exactly the same, yoo ah in,is so cool even in these drawing….. i love it!!!
    but not yeorim and geol oh as a lover… ived prefer girl for ah in,of course…

  6. (I want to cry Q_______Q)

    Today is a really bad (s**ks) day for me…. nothin go right, my pc and connection hates me!! TT_______TT
    (sob) I’ll try change room…sigh

  7. UPDATE!!! ^^

    One more Kaverin‘s drawing and 3 news authors:
    Yamato Maya
    , save AP and Kanonsaga (this girl made me cry)

    @ Jay, Poomer‘s drawings are A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!! O_______O
    Thank you for the link, thank you VERY MUCH!! *hug broken ribs*
    Is incredible!! (*_________*)

    Wonderful, fantastic, soo….(ouch! more adjetives!!)
    On the other hand, her comics are very VERY funny!!! xDDDD
    Long time since I laughed son much, I swear!!! xDD
    At 3pm and I laughing to mourn!!!!! xDDDD

    (Did you see the DaddyLee & DaddyInSoo’s story?? I almost choked with laughter!! xDDDD Sooo gooooood!! xDDD
    And Gohro’s flying kicks to YongHa!!! Wajajajwajajajaja!!! xDDD)

    *she try to calms*
    (hehehehheee!!! xDDD)
    *try again*

    I would continue to update but I ache all over @__@
    (as in my room the internet isn’t working since afternoon, I’ve come to the kitchen at night, in the dark (like Sadako xDD) Is ridiculous!!! xDDDDD)

    See you tomorrow and I hope you enjoy!! 😉

    (Aylam saved aaaaaaaall Poomer drawings to keep laughing even without line/net HEHEHE!!!! xDDDD)

  8. Hi Aylam, can I ask a favor, can you also find YU AH IN cartoons as well? I been searching for one but all I find is MJS …i was planning on printing a shirt with MJS and YAI cantoon on it(for my personal use only)….I’d appreciate your help a lot, but if it’s too burdensome to you, it’s totally okay.

    BTW, your work here is the best! Keep up the good work! Totally enjoy those comics and artwork! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE all of it!

      • Jajajjajaajajaa!! Thank you, I’m glad you like it ^___^~~

        Today I have little time (because I’m fighting with my pc Q___Q), so I could only do a quick update (TT___TT)
        I wasn’t sure you’ve seen the Jay’s link to Poomer’s site, so I post those I believed you could use ^^
        (I not sure if you understand me, at this time of night, I’m like a korean fan with english language problems @__@ xDD)

        Tomorrow continue updating ^^
        A shirt…wow, great idea 😉
        This is the real feeling “Spreading the YAI virus” (nunca mejor dicho xDDD)

        Kisses and enjoy! 😉
        (un besazo y que los disfrutes, guapa ^^)

  9. Same here! I’m having the love hate relastionship with my pc too! It’s currently fighting with me! LOL! And No worries dear, I understand your English perfectly…

    Loving your hardwork in keeping this section alive and kicking! Have a nice weekends! Fighting!

  10. OMG I think I’m going to die *dying in jealousy* These are absolutely AMAZING!!! I envy those who can draw. All I can do to draw out my inner artiste is only thanks to Photoshop. Anyways, I can’t say enough how amazing ALL these arts are. The Jalgeum by Poomer, the drawing of the four from the background, has been my wallpaper for weeks now. I love the simplicity of it. I guess that’s just my style. But I absolutely ADORE all of them. Will be checking back at all times now. It’s so realistic and awesome, how can they do that? *headdesk*

  11. OMG!! Can’t believe this is my first time seeing all these incredible fan-arts!! Some of the blogs are very familiar to me~ and some of the fans here are Korean Gallers from the DC gallery. I wonder if they know that their work are posted up here 😉 Well, even if they had no idea, i don’t think they’d get offended or anything, but still, from now on, if you guys want to send them massages in Korean before bringing their drawings or linking their pages, I’d love to help you anytime!

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