Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project Report


Hi Haveners~

How are you?  First of all, I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with the updates for Haven these days since I am still recovering from all these activities for the project.  But, I did finally finish the report of the event! ^ ^

Ever since the news of Ah In coming to NYC for shooting his upcoming drama 패션왕 came out, many ideas had been floating around from giving Ah In presents to providing meals.  After many discussions, the Haven’s Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project was born.  And, me, being in NY, of course, became the person in charge of Haven’s Yoo Ah In New York Snack Project!

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Ah In and Joong Ki Fan Meeting Recap

Here is a recap of Ah In meeting Joong Ki at his recent fan-meeting. The event was recounted by a Kfan and translated into English by Jamie K at World of Ainism. The comments made in (______) are Jamie’s. Notice that I have slightly reformatted the post.

~With happy birthday music playing in background Song Joong Gi enters the stage pushing Ain’s BDay cup cakes. Crowd goes totally crazy~~~~~~!!!!!

Yoo Ah In puts his hand lightly around Soong Joong Gi first on the waist and when Joong Gi is finally at the middle of the stage, they hug~~~

MC: Hello!
SJG: Hello!
MC: Will you say few words, please come more to the front.

~I can hear a fan saying “omg~ he looks so fit!”~ (and yes! he looked fit, beautiful and gorgeous^^)

SJG: Hello, I’m Song Joongi. (he goes over to Ain and pats him on the back and Ain him pats SJG on his back too!)
MC: It’s good to have you.

~SJG and Ain looks at each other~ (OMG~~~)

MC: From what I know you’ve done this before, appearing with  a BDay cake.
SJG: Yes, a year ago.
MC: And here you are doing it again today.
SJG: Yes.
YAI: I feel guilty….
MC: I guess you are not so busy these days. (to SJG, btw MC for this event was same MC from “rising star”, she’s funny^^)
SJG: I really didn’t have anything to do today.


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Yoo Ah In Holds a Special Date with Fans

On the 9th of July, as a part of the ad campaign for Olive Young, Ah In had a special date at CGV cinema with 30 lucky fans  in Seoul. He greeted fans, had a Q&A session, and then they watched a movie(?) together.

He looked fresh and playful. As you can see, the porn-stache is back in full force! For more pictures (78!), you can visit Mathed-nim’s personal blog.

[Will update if there is any interesting Q&A)

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[MV] Fans sent their love to Geul-ro

Sweetness explodes!!!!!

Over the past few weeks, the DC gallers have been making a thank-you video dedicated to Geul-ro and Yoo Ah In. Approximately 180 fans from around the world participated.  The video included fan supporting messages for Ah In and Geul-ro and at the second-half, we have iconic Guel-ro scenes played in the background of fans saying “I love you.” Some of the soompiers, including myself, also participated.

So here is the final product:

[I swear the last minute of this vid is the cutest and most inspirational fan-made footage I’ve ever seen. Love the 3 generation “sa-rang-hae” message!!!!!!]

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