Friday Night IN #4

Got to support our fellow fangirl, right?

Thanks so much for sending your reviews to YAI. We got 17 reviews in total. Special thanks go to mathed2001, who helped with the Chinese-English translation and ancientkingdom unnie, who translated everything into Korean. I don’t know how you did it. You’re amazing!

How’s your week, everyone? I don’t even want to think about mine. I’m staying in the library right now. Friday night! It’s pathetic ;(

On a happy note, check this out:

Who’s this? According to bluesherbet103, this boy man is the closest to how Gulo’s and Yeorim’s child would look, if they have one TOGETHER bahwaaaaaa

13 thoughts on “Friday Night IN #4

  1. Hello there! I feel sorry for you tiny that u have to spend your weekend in library. I wish you luck with your study. Hope someone like Bae sung jo (both look and brain not the temperament) will help you 😀 Fighting!!

    Ancientkingdom, thank you so much for translating all of our reviews into Korean. You are amazing!!! Millions thanks to you! I believe it will be a good fanbook gift for our Hong sik. 🙂

  2. tiny, i’m no better than you eventhough at home … i’m burrying myself in books and papers. Let’s endure through this. Fighting!! 🙂
    17 reviews are quite many … thanks again ancientkingdom … hope you get to relax a bit by now.

  3. Tiny, you really should get some rest… I can tell you are very tired because you typed my name wrong… >< Hope you will be home and relax soon… 🙂

    Thank you, ancientkingdom! Knowing how much work that goes into translation, thank you for doing this for all of us! By the way, two more will be on your way in the next few days… 🙂

  4. Was it Friday night?? I almost forgot that. Well, good luck on your papers and finals if you are in school!!!! I’m no different than you girls.. I need sung-jo here, too.
    And, Tiny, I’ve sent them email about what you asked. I’ll let u know when i hear from them~ okay??

    p.s. that pic of Gul-Rim’s child.. is so cute and good looking. this guy reminds me of… Kim Dong-Wook from The Coffee Prince (a.k.a. that My Chan~guy) 😉

    • I have been wanting to say thank you to you too… 🙂

      P.S. Now, you said it… That picture does remind me of that My Chan-guy… Ha ha…

  5. take care… and thank for all your kind, translate, picture … for everything… you made trans jong ah in … really cool

  6. Hi, me to … testes, exames and works D: i’m so busy right now … but dont worry … X-tmas is right away (: ….

    I loved this post but i didnt understand who this girl is :O and what program is this … can you explain a little .. i am not in Asia :/ i’m in Portugal 😛 Europe …

    Thank you ❤


  7. Lol.. I was wondering who’s the new guy up there… Geol-Rim… not bad looking. I can see a bit of Geol-oh signature mustache and goatee on the face too…

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