Yoo Ah In’s Photos of Jack & Jill Signing Event on 12/4/2011 in Seoul – News Photos & Fan’s Photos

Hi Haveners~

How are you?  It seems to be a busy time of the year for everyone~ I hope things are all going very well with all of you!

Below is a collection of Ah In’s Jack & Jill Lotte Department Store Signing Event that took place on 12/4/2011~ First, you will see four sets of photos taken by various news reporters and one set from Jack&Jill Facebook~ Then you will also see a slide show of many gorgeous photos taken by Moon I nim at the end of this post~ When looking at all these photos, if you are like me, then you can’t help but keep smiling all the way~ haha~

First set is from Hankooki~



Second set is from SportsKorea~


Here is the third set from TVDaily~


The fourth set is from TVReport~


And here is the set from Jack & Jill Facebook~


Are your eyes tired yet?? ^ ^  Since Moon I nim took over a hundred photos, I am making them into a slide show here~

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s Photos of Jack & Jill Signing Event on 12/4/2011 in Seoul – News Photos & Fan’s Photos

  1. why on earth this guy keeps getting younger and younger? is he aging backwards? do we have a curious case of eom hong sik?? LOL
    look at all the photo when he’s holding up the paper for signing, it look like he’s holding his hyeong’s pica XD

    • LOL. Curious Case of Eom Hong Sik.. XD
      i’m the same age with him, and how i wish i keep getting younger and younger like him.. -___-

  2. Nice to see YU……. to see YU is NICE ❤,❤
    …. Never~never…. enough of YU ✬ڼ✬
    THANK YOU!! mathed nim ❦ྱ❦……. xxx

  3. he looks so gorgeous in every way,hope i can meet him in real life too like his fans there…love the hairstyle so much
    thank mathed ;D

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