December News of Yoo Ah-in

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since any news have been posted on the Haven. But you know it doesn’t mean Mr. Yoo has been missing from the news. In fact, there’s quite a bit of news about him in the past weeks! I hope I can cover the big ones in this post. If I missed out on other news, just comment and I’ll add it on.

Wandeugi aka Punch reached 5 million tickets! Early this month, Mr. Yoo’s movie Punch just hit the 5 million ticket mark! The movie reached that mark within two months of its release. We’re so proud! Hitting 5 million is a huge deal, because a movie rarely reaches this number. Apparently the movie is well appreciated amongst many layers of society. We’re still waiting for that promised song on twitter though.

Talking about the movie, Punch is officially invited to screen at Berlinale! Berlin International Film Festival, widely known as Berlinale, is one of the big three in international film festivals. Punch will be screened in the Generation category which is aimed for youth and family movies. This will be the second Korean movie screened under the category, the first was 2007’s Like a Virgin.

Yoo Ah-in will make his comeback through a drama! There has been two dramas which is rumored to star him. First is the cable drama Speed and the second is an SBS production, Fashion King. There hasn’t been any updated news of the former, which probably means he’s not going to be in it in the end. But apparently the possibility of starring in the latter is strong! Other contenders for Fashion King includes girl group Girl’s Generation member Yuri and actress Shin Se-kyung who is currently filming Deeply Rooted Tree.

Yoo Ah-in will continue on to become the exclusive model of Jack & Jill! Apparently the people at Jack & Jill thought Mr. Yoo did so well for the 2011 collection that they decided to bring him back on board again for another year. This means more pictures of him from the company! Mr. Yoo’s manager also said that he is going to do a lot of traveling, including to LA, New York, and apparently Mexico too? Not really sure what the exact purposes for the travels are but a couple spots might be for photo shoot purposes.

So that’s it! Of course, this has only been the first half of December. Who knows what other cool things might happen in the last weeks of 2011, right? Until then, have a great week everyone!

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9 thoughts on “December News of Yoo Ah-in

  1. Thank you so much, conanblue, for all the exciting news about Ah-in! He is really getting up in the world, isnt he?
    One of my friends said that he probably won’t have time to breathe properly. She suggested that he learn how to breathe through his skin like fish (?) instead. She also said, rather wistfully, that we might have a large quantity of home-sick poetry from hong-sik coming our way! hehe!

  2. Thanks so much for the tidbits, Conan 😀
    Well, so far Punch has passed 5.3 millions mark. Yay!
    And yay too for his upcoming drama though I feel irk a lil bit because of his co-partner…*cough cough* (Have I told you I love your article about it? 😀 ) Anyways, I hope all ends well for Sik sake!

    Btw, YAI will hold a fanmeeting in Osaka (Dec.20th) and Tokyo (Dec. 22nd). Very very busy!
    I hope he and the people around him can take care of his health 🙂

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