Fashion King news bulletin 1

Fashion King premieres today! Are you ready??????????????

Because this year is an important transitional year for my career, I cannot commit as much time to blogging and the fandom as I used to. I really appreciate it if you all can help Haven remain the number one source of news for Ah In and FK. Also, I really hope to post weekly recaps of Fashion King to help publicize Ah In’s drama and also Haven itself. If anyone wants to help me with recapping, please leave a message in the comment 🙂

Here are some juicy news:

1. Fashion King held its press conference on March 14th. Yoo Ah In wore Prada, Shin Se Kyung donned Carven, and Yuri picked Roland Mauret for the event. I think the blue dress makes Yuri look rather old, but the cast all look lovely  I kinda have a crush on Lee Je Hoon here 🙂 (sorry oppa!).

Our Ah In looking so happy. More pics of him here.

2. Does it surprise you that our Haven is on the news again? Thanks to the coordination of Mathed-nim, Ancient Kingdom unnie and of course support from all Haveners, Haven was able to send 500kg of rice to charity in support of Ah In’s drama. The sleek congratulation poster was designed by Furbabe, with the help of Asha and Evalia.

3. At the press conference, a 10 minute-preview of the drama was revealed:

More trailers and related videos can be found at Haven’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Make sure to check out the first OST, 너를 꿈꾸다 by Lee Jin Sung of Monday Kiz

4. At the accompanied interview, Ah In revealed how much of a fashionista he is, and how he wanted to experiment more with melodrama as a genre. Apparently Shin Se Kyung’s character ‘Gayoung’ in Fashion King is very close to his ideal woman. He thinks it would also be fun to date Yuri because she is his favorite out of 9 Girls’ Generation members.

Source: Soompi

8 thoughts on “Fashion King news bulletin 1

  1. Finally today we’ll get to see Sik on tv screen for like 2-3 months ahead! \☺/
    Thanks for the tidbits.
    And congratulations to Haven for another successful project! Haveners daebak!!

  2. Thank you very much, tiny! And a lot of thanks to Mathed, Ancient Kingdom, Furbabe Asha, and Evalia for their hard work too!
    All Ah-In’s admirers in Thailand are very much looking forward to seeing the first episode tonight! The showtime is only 8 pm in Thailand, so it’s just the right time for us!
    We wish to extend our very best wishes to YAI, his colleagues and the production team! We hope that Fashion King will enjoy very high ratings and become one of the most popular drama series of all time!
    With much love
    All members of JYA Home/Thailand

    TO….. ❝ All Haven~ANGELS ❞ for your beautiful work ★★★★★
    Hooray!! It’s going to be the AWESOME TIME for Haveners…….XD
    YAI & Fashion King….. FIGHTING!!

  4. I’m so excited! Yoo Ah In is back on tv screen and I can see him like twice a week from now on to the next 2 months! YAY!

    Also thanks so much to all Haveners who’ve been giving us full support in New York Gift/Snack Project and the extension of our project/Rice Project at the Fashion King Press Conference. I’m glad we made it, babes! Yeahhh! So proud to be Haveners!


  5. I have just seen the First Episode and WOW! Our dear AIN was a complete amazement ❤ Great acting performance and great body as well ( hee hee hee XD) Hope ratings will be very high!!! More Power to Fashion King. To all HAVENERS…gamsamhamnida!

    love and prayers here in the Philippines 🙂

  6. OMG! Finally, another project to showcase Ahh-in oppa’s great acting skills. I really cried when I saw him cry on the preview. I could have hugged him if he was in front of me. 🙂 Can’t wait to have a copy here in the Philippines..

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