Fan-Arts: Wallpapers by Black Tea and The Others


Dear Haveners,

Today, I will introduce you the beautiful fan-arts made by Black Tea from DCinside YAI Gallery. She’s been producing fantastic wallpapers for the fellow YAI fans, and some of the images that are used in these wallpapers are given by Baked Banana, Moonai, and Hongsikhye. Most of the newer wallpapers show the credits, but some of the older ones do not (they will be shown when you try to save them as file names). I asked them all individually if it is okay to share these fine wallpapers with you Haveners, and they were glad to do so~!

Here they are, and hope you guys have fun putting these wallpapers up on your pc!!

size 1680 x 1050

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[Fan acct] 2010 Golden Disk Awards (from purpledoll3@naver)

The following photographs and fan account of the Golden Disk Awards from 7 December 2010 are all taken/translated from seider@naver (purpledoll3)! Red carpet photos & account may be found at her blog here and event hall photos & account may be found here.

These photos are so, so much better than anything the professional reporters were able to take~!! Not a surprise. Korean fans are amazing =)


part I: the red carpet

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Ah In tells IU he loves her~! ♡

At the 25th Golden Disk Awards on December 9th at 7PM (Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium), actors Yoo Ah In and Park Minyoung presented an award.

At the awards, Park Minyoung said, “IU-ssi chose Yoo Ah In-ssi as her ideal type” and requested, “Please say something to IU-ssi.” In reply, Yoo Ah In said, “IU, I love you…I love you too,” and gave a fresh/cool response worthy of Guh-roh. At Yoo Ah In’s sudden confession, IU shyly lowered her head and the audience erupted into cheers. Continuing on, Yoo Ah In, who was introducing award winners Girls Generation, said, “This is an honor for my family,” and drew laughter with his wit.

Yoo Ah In’s fresh appearance was reminiscent of the character of Guh-roh, and drew attention. While he was introducing award winners DJ DOC, SHINee, and Girls Generation, his relaxed appearance drew reactions of, ‘He would even be a good MC.’

Furthermore, Park Minyoung revealed how happy she was during SKKS due to the three men of the Jalgeum Four.

Translated by jaeshinah from a variety of sources: 1, 2, 3

A quick translation of the dialogue between YAI & PMY