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[ITW] Yoo Ah In for Vogue Girl, October 2010

An Interview with Yoo Ah In

soul rebel

He who said, “I think I have begun to move forward from the time when I had no choice but to spring away from the world” would respond to even the lightest of questions only after thinking for a long time, choosing his words as carefully as if he were writing. The man who said that happiness may not be his to have; I met Yoo Ah In.

Q. Compared to when we met two years ago, I feel like you have settled. Has your mind been able to find some peace?

YAI: Just because one’s mind is relaxed doesn’t mean that one is always a relaxed person. There are times I am uncomfortable. It depends on the environment, and I’m affected by the people who are in that environment. I’m comfortable today.

Q. When I told people I was going to interview you, the first thing they all said was, “When I was watching the drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ I had no idea that Moon Jaeshin was Yoo Ah In.” Do you think it’s because of the character? Your face has also become much more mature than before.

YAI: Because I tanned and grew out a beard. It could also be the natural process of aging. I don’t think I’ve changed at all, but it’s fun to see each person’s different reaction. I’m currently considering if, when the drama is over, I should cleanly shave my beard and show up and surprise everyone (laughter).

Q. After you were cast as Moon Jaeshin, there were many people who were dubious. They were asking whether you, who smiled like a young boy, could match well with rebel child Moon Jaeshin.

YAI: I have never tried to look like a kkotminam, but people think of me with that kind of image. Because I’m not a muscled, rough kind of man, and Moon Jaeshin has a very aggressive and tough image, I can understand why people would think that way.

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[ITW] Arena Homme Plus, January 2011

Korea’s young style icon, actor Yoo Ah In

Actor Yoo Ah In + Style

This year, the public’s overflowing fervor for Yoo Ah In was rightly explosive. Every single word of the script he spit out during the drama, the expressions of laughter and tears he showed, and the words he wrote and submitted through his mini-hompy were all captured and actively consumed on the stage of the Internet. What is it about this young man that has captured the attention of so many?

Feature Editor: Lee Ki Won | Fashion Editor: Lee Kwang Hoon

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[Contest] Write a letter to Ah In and win a copy of Cine 21~!

Hi everyone!!

YAI Haven is thrilled to announce our first ~contest~!

The rules are simple.

Write a letter addressed to Yoo Ah In–it can be any length, it can be typed, drawn, whatever you want–but it has to be in English, and it has to be submitted to jaeshinah1@gmail.com OR tinysunbl@yahoo.com by 11:59pm on December 31, 2010, KST. =)

We will post the letters on YAI Haven, along with an announcement of the winner, two weeks later. Empty your heart=) Write whatever you always wanted to say to Ah In.

*NOTE* We’re not actually sending these to Ah In~! This is just for the Haven.=)

The writer of the best letter will win a copy of the November issue of  Cine 21, featuring Ah In.

Yay! Good luck!!

Vote for Yoo Ah In as Best Actor in JKN’s Stars of 2010!

Newspaper Jaekyung Ilbo (http://ent.jkn.co.kr/star/2010award.htm: if you use Google Chrome, like me, you might find that it warns you against this website…I’m not sure why it does that, but it’s a valid and correct URL!) is asking its readers to vote for the top stars of 2010. As you will see, there are actors for actors and singers, including our very own Yoo Ah In! He is up for the award of “Best Actor” against Kang Dong Won, Ko Soo, Park Shi Hoo, Won Bin, and Jang Geun Seok, and… dun dun dun…at the moment I voted, he was leading with 32.38% of the votes! However, Jang Geun Seok and Won Bin are not too far behind, with 27.9% and 20.54% respectively, so go give Ah In your support by voting at the link above!

You do not have to log in to vote. All you have to do is type the letters in the blue box (this IS case-sensitive!) and click on the red button on the LEFT (투표하기) to vote! (The right button, 결과보기, is just to see the results.) After voting, you will be able to see the current votes as they stand. There must be Sungkyunkwan Scandal fans on this site, because not only is Yoo Ah In in 1st place in his category, but so are Yoochun (Hallyu Star category) and Sungkyunkwan Scandal (drama category), and Park Minyoung is in 2nd place for Best Actress. =)

Voting will close at midnight on 12/30 and results will be announced on the 31st.

“Sky and Sea” wins the Media Award at TIFF

At around 2AM KST, the 8th annual Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) announced that Sky and Sea, in which Yoo Ah In starred and which was the first Asian film ever to be nominated at TIFF, was the winner of the Media Award at this year’s festival!

Congratulations to Yoo Ah In and everyone involved. =)

Source: DC Inside & TIFF website

Arena header released~

[UPDATE] Mathed2001 has made English subtitles for the Arena video posted yesterday~! Enjoy 🙂

<333 Can you spot Ah In?? LOL just kidding. I know he’s literally the only one you and I see. ^__^

I know the banner is way too wide for the layout but I hate to make Ah In’s beautiful face smaller and I figure he’s on the left side anyway… hehe please ignore the awkward dimensions of the post and just focus on the pretty.

The cover of Arena Homme Plus (January) and probably a couple teaser photos will be released on the 19th, and the magazine will go on sale on the 20th~!

Sadly we are not going to have a YAI Haven mass purchase for this magazine, but it will be available with international shipping on Kyobo and G-market. I will post the links when they go live (right now they only have the December issue…ew who needs that. No one, that’s who), probably as the pictures are released. Remember that the December Esquire magazines sold out in just a couple days on those websites so once you see the Arena Homme Plus photos, make up your mind quickly. ^__^

Source: Arena Homme Plus

Yoo Ah in for Arena Homme January 2011

Translation by me:

YAI: I have to become a person good enough to match these clothes—I will work hard.
Q. How does it feel to become a rising star this year?
YAI: I feel good and it’s exciting and I’m happy…those feelings just like that, I’m happy. I think it’s all good things.
Q. Is there anything that’s different from the past [because of your newfound fame]?
YAI: Nothing’s different.
Q. At all?
YAI: [Laughter] Nothing’s different.
Q. What are you doing now that the drama is over?
YAI: I’m preparing for my next project, that’s what I should do. I should live well.
Q. About your next project?
YAI: I’ll be able to see you all through a movie. Filming will begin at the beginning of next year, and it will premiere in the latter half of the year, and I think I will be able to greet you all again then.

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A smorgasbord of randomosity fueled by my incredible procrastination skills


It is past midnight on a Tuesday morning/Wednesday night here in Korea and I am restless because I have lots to do and ZERO desire to do it, and my brain is too tired to translate anything at the moment (there’s no new news, as far as I can tell, so we should be all caught up^^ The number of older interviews awaiting me, however, is a different story) so I have taken the liberty of indulging myself with Korean YAI-related sites and you would not believe the gems I found. Seriously. Get ready. ^______^


An amazing fan by the username of 과수원 (Kwasoowon) has posted some of the funniest Photoshop jobs ever seen on planet Earth, basically.

Small caption: “Pissed off”
Larger caption: “Hey now.. you dump me for a new guy and that’s the best you can do?

Top caption: Whaddya want

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Netizens interested in YAI’s look in ‘Sky and Sea’

The movie ‘Sky and Sea’ is the first Asian movie to be nominated for an award at the 8th annual Tirana International Film Festival, and its nomination has sparked sudden interest among netizens in actor Yoo Ah In’s appearance in the movie.

‘Sky and Sea’ is a movie about Haneul [her name means ‘sky’], who has the spirit of a 6 year old but is a musical genius, and her friends who receive comfort and sincere friendship through Haneul. Jang Nara, Juny, and Yoo Ah In were the main stars. Yoo Ah In plays a troublemaker pizza delivery boy who begins to open his heart because of Haneul’s innocence and friendship.

‘Sky and Sea’ premiered in October 2009, so Yoo Ah In’s appearance is not very different from what it is now, but if Yoo Ah In has a bit more of a masculine feeling now, then in the movie his immaculate complexion and bright smile allow the feeling of a pure boy to permeate the movie. His appearance at the movie’s press premiere, in a fashionable black jacket and cute straight-cut bangs have especially earned attention.

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