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::Feb Elle:: 50 Top Men

(scanned by SIC from DC inside YAI Gallery*)



Yoo Ah In

“It’s better to be a man than a kid, sure.” Yoo Ah In, with whom <Elle> has met in one and half years. Instead of fair and tender looks, he has become a strong and sharp man. His reasoning that expends to ten words when a word was thrown and his eager eyes that would stop you from turning away stay the same. “There are people who like me in my old days better. So, my conclusion is that I do whatever as I please. It’s possible to meet projects that could reverse (my) image like <SKKS>. That’s fate. However, I don’t wanna change it every time to (their) taste. It would make me unhappy. I live with many names. I encounter two to three new names every year. But, I don’t wanna be obsessed with the names that I once had and that leave me after all. It’s me who is (more) anxious, yet I wanna think of it as not a big deal, and I try not to be obsessed with it. Attention and love are not continuous.” Wonder what this guy would think of love ultimately. “The love each one has, the heart that tries to keep the love, and the trust on that heart… wouldn’t that be enough rather than when the two meet and say, “you keep your promise!” “you keep yours, too?” I don’t really have a type that I avoid nor go after. If the first meeting is possible, then anything seems to be possible. But, usually it ends at the first meeting.”

Fan-Arts: Wallpapers by Black Tea and The Others


Dear Haveners,

Today, I will introduce you the beautiful fan-arts made by Black Tea from DCinside YAI Gallery. She’s been producing fantastic wallpapers for the fellow YAI fans, and some of the images that are used in these wallpapers are given by Baked Banana, Moonai, and Hongsikhye. Most of the newer wallpapers show the credits, but some of the older ones do not (they will be shown when you try to save them as file names). I asked them all individually if it is okay to share these fine wallpapers with you Haveners, and they were glad to do so~!

Here they are, and hope you guys have fun putting these wallpapers up on your pc!!

size 1680 x 1050

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Regarding permission to use fan-generated contents

Hi dear Haveners,

I’ve posted the newest pictures of YAI that are taken by a Korean fan a couple of days ago, and I mentioned that we need to be more careful on bringing (re-posting) Korean Fans’ fan-art works here on Haven or on any other international fan-site. This is not because K-fans claim for YAI as their own and do not want to share with us international fans. It applies the same for any other K-fans as well.

Let me briefly go over why this has become a sensitive issue. There are different types of YAI’s online fandom in Korea: Ainese(the official fan cafe), DCinside YAI Gallery, Daum Ain-zone, and some private blogs (Powerful bloggers attract their own viewers, too.) I am a member of Ainese and DC Gallery,  so I can only recount from their points of view, so if there are other K fans out there who are reading this post and disagreeing, please, feel free to leave comments to correct the facts.

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YAI leaving for LA on Jan 15th

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These pictures are taken and retouched by a bloger named BakedBanana! She was generous enough to share these beautiful pictures of YAI with us, yet please do not retouch more than what’s done already nor cut out her blog address from the pictures. Please, have her blog address wherever you take these pictures to if you need them posted. (She removed YAI’s beard using photoshop for some reason, so I’m not sure if he still kept his beard.)

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More Pictures from The KBS Award

YAI received one of the Best Couple Awards with Song, Joong-ki.

But, that was about it. What is wrong with KBS????

All these pictures shows where they are from: some news pictures of lovely YAI, and those beautiful shots of Baked Banana from DCinside Gallery.

[Twitter] Tweets from Nov 21st ~ Nov 29th


  • 넌 너무 매워. 매워 죽겠어
  • You are too spicy. Deadly spicy.


  • 홤 보다곤듄넘어가생일때사준사케머시기를욕조에쏟아붓고 가을방학을 빠방하게 튼 뒤 30분간 몸을담궜다 몸둥이에서 자꾸만 좋은냄새가 난다. 택시를 잡아타고 왕십리어딘가에 친구횽님누나이있는곳에 고기를먹으러간다 빨리 이 냄새가 가셨으면 좋겠다 기분이 야시꾸리하다
  • As I poured Sake something which HwamBoDaGonDyunNumUh (Hwang Bo Rah) bought me on my b day into the bathtub and put on Fall Break at its full volume, I soaked myself for 30 minutes. My body smells good unceasingly. I’m taking a cab to somewhere in Wangshiplee where my friend bro sis are to have some meat. Wish this smell will disappear soon. Feels funky.
  • 십분만에싹싹다먹어치웠다이제내몸에선고기냄새와김치냄새와아까그사케바쓰냄새가섞여서더더더더야시꾸리한냄새가날거같다안녕후다닥잘먹었어박썬 http://yfrog.com/65anknj
  • I cleaned my plate within ten minutes Now, my body would smell really funky after the smells of meat, kimchi, and the sakebath from a while ago are mixed up Bye It was a great meal, Park Ssun (insert pic below)

  • Pretending to stare at somewhere else (insert pic below)

@6002theMicky 토요일을기대하겠다유처니유쵸니육천이유툐니윳혀니

@6002theMicky I will look forward to Saturday YooChunie  YooChyonie YookChunYi(6002) YooTyeonie  YootHyunie

(JYJ had a concert on that Saturday-InK)


YounHa:: (광주 콘서트 필에서 뵈요! 슈우웅 날아가는중. 빨리 뵙고 싶은걸요)

YounHa’s public tweet (I’ll see you at the concert in GwangJu! I’m in the middle of the flight. I hope to see you soon!)

@younhaholic 하하샵친구였구만 잘하고와요

@younhaholic HaHa  You were my Shop friend  Have a good concert

(He means Hair Salon. They go to the same salon.-InK)


  • 신 화마트에서할인정보문자가날아들때가됐는데도통소식이없고,일어나거든저귀퉁에양말무덤을곱게깎아드려야지.하기는하는데내일은또내일의양말로.눈이야 오든지말든지.냉장고오른칸엔기어이꽃이피었구나.어이쿠!기어이해가뜨기는하는구나.이거참살맛이가시는가하더니뻔뻔시럽게그러고살어.잘
  • It’s about time that Sale info text messages from ShinHwa Market would arrive, yet haven’t heard (from them) in a while, and when I get up, I’ll prettily carve down that pile of socks in the corner. I do what I can do, but tomorrow will have tomorrow’s own socks. Who cares whether it snows or not. A flower is finally blossomed out in the right container of the refrigerator. Ouch! By all means, the Sun rises. As I began to think that life is getting boring, I still have the brass to live. Well.

(As you’ve guessed, the flower means his food covered in mold… inside refrigerator. -InK ;P)


  • 째째한 로맨스 시사회 갑니다. 새 양말 신었어요. 학교앞에 얼마만에 가는건지크하하 한평생을 아주그냥 불량학생으로
  • I’m heading to the premiere of the movie “JJeJJeHan Romance.” I wore new socks. How long has it been since I visited the campus? LOL I’ve been a  bad student for the whole life~

(That movie premiere was held in front of KeonGuk Univ, his school campus. And, he misspelled the title of this movie. since the movie twisted the title a bit to be funny. (His spelling of JJeJJeHan is the right way in general.) Anyway, a fan corrected his misspelling and requested him to post a review of the movie afterward. You will see his brief review below this. -InK)

  • 대한민국 강짱이 드류베리모어보다 못할게 뭐가있나! 로맨틱코메디에서 여자주인공이 올라설 수 있는, 심지어는 ‘이룩한’ 새로운 경지를 목격했다.
  • What’s there that Republic of Korea’s  KangJJang (Choi Kang Hee’s nick name) cannot do better than Drew Barrymore! I’ve witnessed a new stage for a heroine of Romantic Comedies to step on, or even ‘accomplished.’


[Twitter] Tweets from Nov 13th-Nov 20th


  • 일주일만에드디어짜잔두둥 핸드폰켜기 일보직전.. 무섭다. 아, 전 핸드폰 두개씁니다. 바람돌이라거나 뭐 그딴건 아니에요. 빚쟁이의 수사망을 피해가기 위한 몸부림일뿐냐하하하하크하ㅏ

Tada~ About to turn on the cell phone for the first time in a week.. Scared. Oh, I use two cell phones. It’s not like I’m a playboy or anything. Just a struggle to avoid creditor’s dragnet LOL

  • 근데요, 잘 지냈죠?

Btw, have you been well?

  • 잘지내냐고만물었을뿐이야. 네 아니오로만 대답해 스크롤땡기기 스킬이 녹슬었단말이여 유유

I only asked if you’ve been well. Just answer in yes or no. Cuz scroll-down skill got rusted TT


  • RT @[Cine21 Reporter]혼자 있는데도 더 혼자 있고 싶다. ‘내’가 꺼져줬으면 좋겠다.

RT@[Cine21 Reporter] Even when I’m alone, the more I wanna be alone. I wish ‘me’ to get lost.

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